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Logo Design

Logo design for a New York subway transit app


Turnstile is a transit app designed for the complex subway system of New York City. The design needed to be simple and clean yet still give something more than just an icon of a turnstile.

Early options explored the use of subway lines in abstract form and focused on creating a sense of movement

More explorations hammered home a sense of movement. But colour quickly became a busy element, and with so many colours associated with the New York subway lines, it felt like a monochrome design would feel more neutral and universal.

The final design of the logo uses monochrome colours with a subtle distinction between the middle and outer bars. It finds a simplified abstract way to depict a turnstile while creating an arrow that points upwards showing motion and giving a sense of wonder as to where you'll be heading next.

The simplified logo was also chosen to be a freeform design that doesn't need to be bound to a box, greatly increasing it's usability across platforms.

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